Steve Byrne, ADCH Trustee

Steve Byrne, ADCH Trustee said “With animal charity staff and volunteers working tirelessly to care for tens of thousands of animals, this is a really fun way to let them know they matter and how much you care for the animals in rescue.

The ADCH launched the ADCH Coronavirus Emergency Fund to help those charities in most need and while we welcome all donations to this urgent appeal, equally please do support your chosen animal charity. We’re exciting and looking forward to seeing the many wonderful #PetorateToCelebrate displays from across the entire UK, Ireland and British Isles and much look forward to selecting the Overall Winner. Let displays commence!”

Lets Start Petorating!

This June animal rescues are asking to you to ‘Petorate’ your garden, front window or car with cuddly toys, pet pictures or even your animal ornaments to show support to animal charities, and to promote animal charity appeals.

During these difficult times, we all need to bring some fun to our community and brighten each others’ day. Decorating your home, garden or car with toy animals, pictures or ornaments is a fantastic way to show your support to animals in need, and bring a smile to the faces of passers-by.

While you #PetorateToCelebrate you can support these amazing organisations, working tirelessly and with very limited funds, to help animals in your community. You can really help make a huge difference by donating to your local rescue K9focus via their Appeal Page at – you can also contact Lynne Hall on 07971 461806.

When you have your #PetorateToCelebrate display, please upload your pictures using the hashtag #PetorateToCelebrate. You can either upload them to the K9focus Facebook page or you can email them to At the beginning of July, we will select our Winner. All organisations participating in #PetorateToCelebrate will send their Winners onto the ADCH for them, in the second week of July, to choose the Overall Winner.

The Association of Dogs & Cats Homes a charity (Reg No.1180574) with a membership of 150 from across the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The ADCH promotes best practice in animal welfare for dogs and cats and acts as a platform for identifying and disseminating information on best practice and for raising the standards of animal welfare.