Meet the Team

Meet the Team | K9focus Here at K9focus we’re very lucky to have a great team of volunteers behind us. Some you will see listed here, every single member of the team joined K9focus for a reason and these are just some of their reasons for joining the team.


“I started volunteering about seven years ago after rehoming a dog from K9focus, my girl Jessica! We are a small team but we are diverse and everyone brings something different to the team. It’s an absolute pleasure working with them all. We cant change the world but we do change the world for each dog we help and we do it one dog at a time! Because we are small we can get involved in all aspects of the work it’s really interesting and can be challenging and emotional!!! And I need to mention the boss too she’s fabulous and one day when I grow up I want to be like her!!”


“I’ve been a volunteer for about seven years. I got involved from working at the kennels where the rescues were kept, I just couldn’t help myself getting involved and I’ve loved every minute of it helping dogs in need, especially with the hands on care. Such a lovely team to be part of we are like a little family. We all pull together at hard times and at the events but we also know how to let our hair down at the fabulous social events. Proud to be a part of K9focus! I’ve also adopted three dogs from K9focus. Goes without saying really…”


“I started volunteering nearly seven years ago when a K9focus dog, Bruno, was looking for his forever home, it ended up that he and K9focus rescued me! Ever since then I have been involved with many aspects of the rescue and I absolutely love it! I have made lifelong friends, dogs and people! I have cuddled more dogs than I have had hot dinners, who wouldn’t love that! K9focus is such an amazing charity with such an amazing team and we are all so passionate about rescuing and rehoming abused and abandoned dogs. Thanks to the head of the organisation, Lynne and the team, I always feel supported and appreciated. I am forever grateful for Bruno getting me involved with this wonderful charity and forever thankful to Lynne for being the most amazing woman I know! Come join us you won’t regret it…”


“I started with K9focus possibly six years ago and enjoyed being part of a great rescue. Apart from events, I like to take the dogs out and socialise them with people and other dogs. Then there are just times for a bit of fun on the beach and sea. I’m also a bit mad for sitting in the kennels for cuddles.”


“I first came across K9focus in 2012 when my son was looking for a dog, sadly the following year my son died and the team were amazingly supportive and found the perfect home for Max. Since then I and another a family member have also rehomed from them. Although as a volunteer I don’t work directly with the dogs I try to fundraise as much as possible and spread the word about the fantastic work the team do.”


“I started volunteering three years ago in the K9focus charity shop, now I’m available 24/7 for the charity as it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. The charity and Lynne have helped me more than I could ever imagine. It’s a great team of dedicated volunteers and we get lots of doggy cuddles. Perfect!”

Emma L

“I’m a self employed dog walker. I walked a dog called Dude for a lady who had rescued him from K9focus. The lady was aware of the strong bond between me and Dude. When we sadly lost our dog she asked if i would like him. I jumped at the chance! We took him to a K9focus show and loved it. Although it had been a number of years the volunteers recognised him. Dude recognised a volunteer and went crazy with joy (and still does!) This brought a tear to our eyes and proved how kind volunteers had been to him whilst in their care. This inspired us to join the team. We were right K9focus is all about working as a team and being amazingly kind to dogs in need.”


“I joined K9focus in 2018 after moving to Devon. I have had dogs most of my life and I wanted to help a local, small dog charity. The team have been an amazing bunch and I love the effort and care put into rehoming dogs in need.”


“I started volunteering for K9focus in January 2018. I have a genuine passion and love for dogs and wanted to get involved in helping unwanted and abandoned dogs to have a second chance to feel love and live again. I also have an interest in dog training and behaviour and hopefully plan to learn more about this to also help the dogs and charity. I love spending time with the dogs, anything from a wet walk to cuddles in the paddock. I have learnt lots about how the rescue process works and have got involved in dog assessments, initial meet and greets with potential owners, charity fundraising advents, as well as home checks. Lynne runs a great team and has a heart of gold.”

Emma W

“I joined K9focus in 2019 after having to reluctantly rehome my own beloved dog. After speaking to the team at K9focus they were able to find her dog a new forever home. I wanted to help the charity in whatever way I could to say thank you and so with my marketing background I help by promoting the charity via the various channels.”


We’re always looking for new volunteers and great new people to join our team, no matter whether you can give us a little or a lot of your time. If you’d like to help K9focus rescue more dogs then visit our volunteers page.