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If you would like to offer a home to any of the dogs then please complete our application form in the first instance. A volunteer will then call you to discuss your situation. Please do be patient as our rescue is run by volunteers, many of whom work full time.

Our dogs are not FREE!

We have a standard adoption fee of £195. 100% of the fee goes to caring for our dogs in rescue as all of our volunteers give their time freely. Our dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and where possible neutered/spayed, on average each rescue dogs costs us more than £400. We also supply one month’s worth of food to ensure consistency.

However, where an animal is entire and it has not been possible to neuter/spay (due to age or medical issues) it is a condition of adoption that adopters agree to neuter/spay adopted dogs within  two months unless unable to do so due to age (puppies) or medical issues.

Please do think carefully before adopting a dog. Dogs are often returned to us for a variety of reasons and as a rescue we will always take the dog back, however it is important to realise that it is very unsettling for a dog to keep being moved around, and can have a permanent effect on their behaviour, so please do think before leaping into adopting. The more information you can give us about your background, social habits etc, the better we are able to match a dog to your situation.

As a rescue we work with you to find a new lifelong best friend.


As a rescue we pride ourselves on finding the right home for the right dog and because of this we have a strict adoption procedure. This is because we want to ensure that both yourself and your dog have many happy years living together.

Step One:

The very first step to any adoption is actually deciding to adopt and understanding all the responsibilities that go along with owning a dog, and of course deciding what type of dog you would ideally like.

Step Two:

Having decided to adopt, the next step is contacting the rescue, either by email or telephone, to complete an initial application form. Please do remember that the rescue is run by volunteers, most of whom do have full time jobs and give their time freely. We apologise therefore that the phone is often on message service and would ask that you bear with us and leave a message for us to return.  Email is often quicker as many of our volunteers can answer email enquiries while at work.

Step Three:

Having completed an initial application form, the rescue will then arrange to take up a vet/personal reference and begin to work with you to find the right dog. If we feel we have an appropriate dog in kennels then you will be invited to visit, although as we keep our dogs in commercial kennels then this must be by appointment only.

Please note that visits to dogs that are in foster homes can only be made once a home check has been completed to avoid disturbing the dog and family in their home.  Once a suitable dog is found we will then arrange a home visit. We do endeavour to make this procedure as quick as possible in order to get your new best friend settled with you. If we have a match already available this process could be as quick as a few days so please ensure you are ready to adopt a dog that quickly when you contact us.

We are sometimes asked why there is such a strict procedure in place when there are so many rescue dogs wanting homes – quite simply this is to ensure that we find the best possible home for our dogs and also the best possible friend for you!

When rehoming we do try to be as flexible as possible and we review each case on an individual basis and depending on the chosen dog. Please click here to see our full adoption terms and conditions.