Dogs for Adoption

Looking to Adopt?

Finding the Perfect Pet is not easy!

Have you really thought about the commitment needed – they will be part of your family for the next 10-15 years?

What sort of breed/age will fit in with your lifestyle – have you done your research?

Do you know how much your chosen breed is going to cost to feed, insure and/or look after if ill?

Who is going to walk the dog when it is cold and raining?

Where will the dog go when/if you go on holiday?

So much to consider!

If you have answered YES to all the above and you are ready to start the process then click the box below and complete our application form.  Once this is received a volunteer will call you to discuss your situation when we have a suitable dog.  Please do be patient as our rescue is run by volunteers many of who work full time.


Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Process Take?

Once we have your completed application form and we have a suitable dog available our volunteers work extremely quickly to arrange meetings and get your pet settled into their new home – sometimes even the same day if all checks have been received!

How Much Does Adopting Cost?

Our Standard Adoption Fee is £250.  All our dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered and come with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

What Is the Difference Between Adopting and Fostering?

When you adopt a dog you become totally responsible for the wellbeing and welfare of the dog including all vetinary care. 

Sometimes the rescue will appeal for a fosterer for a dog until a home can be found.  This is usually for dogs that are not doing particularly well in kennels or may be young or poorly.  While a fosterer has the same responsibility for the wellbeing and welfare of the dog in their care, the rescue will remain responsible for all food and veterinary costs.


I am unable to adopt a dog immediately - can I reserve a dog?

Our aim is to get dogs into their new forever home as quickly as possible in order that the time they spend in kennels is as short a possible therefore we will only accept applications from potential adopters that are in a position to take dogs immediately all checks are cleared

I work full time - can I still adopt a dog?

Dogs require mental stimulation as well as exercise and so we judge every case on its individual merits – so talk to us about your situation.

Can I adopt a dog if I live in a flat?
We take a flexible approach when homing our dogs and each case is looked at on an individual basis. Some dogs will live very happily in a flat whilst it would be totally unsuitable for others.
What is your policy about rehoming with young children?
We often don’t know the background of the dogs that come to us and therefore our standard policy is children must be over 7 years of age