Sponsor a Dog for as little as £1 per week

Some dogs come to us and are unable to be rehomed due to various reasons – too old, in need of expensive medication or simply cannot cope with life in a domestic home. We believe these dogs deserve a secure future and to this end we created our 4EverFocus Scheme. When we take a dog into the scheme we guarantee to look after and care for that dog for the rest of its days. Sometimes they stay with us at the kennels and sometimes we find a foster home where they will see out their days but with the backing of K9focus to cover their food and medication.

Sponsoring a dog is a great way of helping those dogs that might otherwise be abandoned and also makes a great gift for someone. If you can spare a £1 a week to make a difference to a dogs life then please do get in touch for more details or read our FAQs.

K9focus was not set up as a sanctuary but we do keep a few dogs on our 4EverFocus scheme and it is only with your support that we can offer this dogs a secure future for the remainder of their life.  Please do consider sponsoring one of our dogs – just £1 a week (not even the cost of a Costa Coffee) will help!

4Ever Focus Dogs

Meet Bobby

Sadly Bobby was found in a terrible state in January having been abandoned by someone. When we were asked if we would take him as his time was up in the dog pound we had no hesitation in saying yes. Thanks to a great team of volunteers/Rescue Aid volunteers Bobby began his 376 mile journey to safety. Due to his condition he needed surgery to be clipped, an eye growth removed, he had six teeth removed, nails trimmed and an ingrowing nail treated after he was initially thought to have a deformed foot. A week after his surgery he was able to walk properly again and is now settling into life as a 4Ever Focus dog. You can follow Bobby’s story on his Facebook page.

Meet Bera

Bera is an eight year old Asian Shepherd who was surrendered from her family who have had her since a puppy into the Local Authority Pound.  She was originally brought into the country with them in 2013 from Lithuania. Sadly she has had her ears and tail cut off which is apparently quite traditional for this breed in that country. Despite this she is proving herself to be a friendly girl although not particularly keen on other dogs. Bera spent over a year with us waiting for that special home and several were found but sadly none of which worked out. Every time she came back to us she was very unsettled and seemed to just want to get back into the security of her familiar surroundings and kennel. Due to this we have now decided to keep Bera with us for the remainder of her days and she will be looked after by the rescue.

Meet Freddie

Meet Freddie our adorable three year old lab.  Like most labs he loves people and especially likes cuddles. For 95% of the time he is the most adorable, lovable and well behaved dog. He is good on the lead, loves other dogs and people – however for the other 5% of the time he resource guards and can be quite fierce. We are also currently investigating a reoccurring limp which the vet thinks may be a hip or elbow issue for which he will need an x-ray/MRI scan. Due to his resource guarding and what might be ongoing medical needs we have decided to put Freddie onto our 4EverFocus Scheme.