2018 as always was a busy year for us and saw the number of requests to take in dogs far exceed our capacity to help. Many of the dogs that come to us take a little longer to rehome due to their age, illness or sometimes they just need a little time to adjust. Here at K9focus we try and provide for whatever they need, giving them a quiet place with good food and love while they are waiting for just the right family to adopt them. Rescue certainly takes all our volunteers on a rollercoaster of emotions but then when they see the dogs happy and content it makes it all worthwhile. 2019 will be our 9th year of operation and sadly will probably see our 900th dog looking for a new home but we remain committed to helping as many dogs (and people) as we can. To all our supporters we thank you as without you we could not continue our work.

These two little Westies were relinquished to us when their owner could no longer afford their vet treatment. Now enjoying life having found a family to adopt!

More dogs who adopted humans during 2018